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M202 TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor)

M202 TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor)
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Oranges aftermarket performance line TPChecker introduces internal TPMS for tubeless motorcycles! TPCheckers motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system monitors tire pressure and temperature every 3 seconds upon ignition. Notifying riders of any abnormal shifts in tire pressure or temperature levels on the spot, Orange TPMS keeps the biker informed, allows them to react instantly and eliminates pre-ride pressure checks.

While motorcycle TPMS is not mandated (like passenger vehicles) for North American motorcycles, Orange Electronic provides the high quality, low cost alternative for those safety-conscious riders. The pressure and temperature information on the display unit will turn red and alert the rider if tire pressure or temperature shifts below the adjustable warning level in an individual tire (pictured below), helping to prevent blowouts and slow tire leaks while optimizing performance.

Why you need TPMS:
  1. 5 out of 6 motorcycles ride with an under inflated tires
  2. 80,000+ Accidents are attributed to low tire pressure
  3. Improve turning
  4. Save gas. Under inflated tires increase fuel consumption by as much as 10%
  5. Shorter stopping distance. in wet conditions at 45 mph difference between properly inflated tire and other wise can be huge. 72 feet vs 108 feet
  6. You only have two tires. Better know they are ready then not.
  • Machined Aluminum
  • TPChecker internal sensors are machined out of solid aluminum and are non-porus highly resistant to corrosion

  • Quick Response
  • Reading internal tire pressure and temperature every 3 seconds, Orange TPMS keeps the rider aware at all times, preventing slow tire leaks

  • Tire Temperature
  • TPChecker sensors are resistant to both theft and damage as the sensors are installed inside of the tire on the rim

  • Secured Install
  • Because the Orange sensor is stalled inside the tire, measured temperature is the true tire temperature

  • Corrosion
  • The weight of external sensors degrades valve stems and leads to orrosion of the metal around valve that can lead to loss of pressure

  • Slow/Inconsistent
  • External sensors cannot measure the temperature inside the tire, only the ambient temperature ont he outside of the tire

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Pressure readings in an external sensor are relayed at t slower rate and are not measured as closely to accommodate for a smaller battery

  • Theft & Damage
  • Because external sensors are affixed on the outside of the tire, they are increasingly prone to consequential damage and even theft



Pressure monitoring range:
Pressure reading accuracy:
Temperature monitoring range:
Temperature reading accuracy:
Battery life:
Operating frequency:
Storage temperature:
Operating temperature:
Operating humidity:
Sensor weight:
0~74 psi
1 psi (in typical environment)
-40F to 257F
4F (in typical environment)
3 years
314.85 0.1 MHz
-40F to 257F
-4F to 221F
Max 95%
27.5 1.5g



Display dimensions:
Operating voltage:
Operating current:
Operating temperature:
Pressure/temperature units:


2.5″ x 1.75″ x 0.875″
Less than 150mA
-4F to 176F
psi, bar, kPa / F, C



SKU M202
Fits Universal - Custom Applications
Price: $154.99
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